Freeze | Monday Playlist


There are few things worse than a cold toilet seat first thing in the morning. I mean it was hard enough for me to get up, let alone for me to sit on an unrelenting throne of ice for an excruciatingly long few seconds. Cold weather brings about a lot of trials and tribulations, but personally that takes the cake for me.

I hope if you’re in a place that is hellishly cold this week (as most of the U.S. seems to be at the moment) that you’re doing your best to stay warm, stay well and (for the love of GOd) stay inside. When you do have to go out, remember: layering is caring.

It’s playlist day and I’m pretty excited about this week’s mix. There was one song that was an indisputable choice: Elastic Heart by Sia. Although it’s ultra-contemporary music video been plastered all over the pages of the internet, some of you may not have seen it yet. If you’re as intrigued as I was, then a few google searches about what Sia says the song are about will serve you well.*

*Also if you were a shameless watcher of Dance Moms like I was get ready because the infamous Maddie is alongside Shia Labeouf in the video and she absolutely slaaaaaays.

I’m still so mesmerized by the whole thing. I’ll probably watch it again riiight…now. Enjoy!

Speak to you soon!


Some Like it Hot | Saturday Morning


The weather in Seattle this weekend is forecasted to be rainy with an 85% chance of everyone forgetting what being warm feels like. That being said, I have been craving hot drinks: eggnog (a festive favorite), pour-overs (sue me), mulled wine (for those of us who like to get warm in more ways than one) and, of course, hot chocolate.

Here’s some hot chocolate recipes that I’m dying to try this season:

  • This Lavender hot chocolate
  • Eggnog hot chocolate found here
  • And perhaps one of these two mint hot chocolates; they both looked too good for me to choose just one.

Am I forgetting anything? What are you craving?

Speak to you soon!


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Fashion Week Catchup // Wednesday-Thursday

My mind is actually blown that I’ve ended up in New York for fashion week this year. Luckily enough, I got here after much of the snow has subsided and have just been hitting pop up shops and promo parties like they are two-for-one Tuesdays in Nashville. MBFW is real, guys.

JK I’m actually wrapped up in an afghan, hair in a post-shower top knot and trying to downplay the sincerity of my late night hunger pains by aggressively clicking through every show available to me on in real time. The glam factor is here, everyone.

Seriously though, there are a lot of shows and I don’t know how any normal person is supposed to keep up with them, so I thought I’d post a few of my favorites from fall/winter 2014 thus far. Here. We. Go.

Rachel Roy
Rachel Roy FW 2014 Rachel Roy FW 2014 Rachel Roy FW 2014 Rachel Roy FW 2014

BCBG Maxazria
BCBG Maxazria F/W 2014

Whit F/W 2014Whit F/W 2014Whit F/W 2014

M. Patmos
M. Patmos F/W 2014

M. Patmos F/W 2014

M. Patmos F/W 2014

Wildfox F/W 2014

10 Crosby Derek Lam
10 Crosby Derek Lam F/W 2014

10 Crosby Derek Lam F/W 2014

10 Crosby Derek Lam F/W 2014

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up so we can all benefit from being current.

“Oh my GOSH, did you see that Wildfox line? Flowers in the boots?? Kil-ler”
-Me, the next time I want to sound like an asshat I know everything when I’m out with my friends.

Speak to you all soon!




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How to Survive a Polar Vortex in Style | PART I

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, either because you’ve frozen or because you’ve heard about it in the news, the U.S. is currently pretending to be Antarctica while it rides out the remainder of the polar vortex. Somehow, I managed to plan my Europe trip at the same time as Nashville’s transformation into Tundra Town, and I have never been more comfortable skipping around in a (chilly) 50 degrees.

“Did she say chilly 50 degrees?” Oh I did. And I said it from underneath my tiger print fleece blanket.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about how angry clueless I’d be in enjoying myself if I was around temperatures that dropped into the negatives, so I made little guide that might be helpful in making your shivering a little more chic.


Irish coffee by 52 Kitchen Adventures, Chamomile Hot Toddy by Honesty Yumm, Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate by Chasing Delicious, Mulled Wine by Flourishing Foodie

Irish coffee by 52 Kitchen Adventures, Chamomile Hot Toddy by Honesty Yumm, Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate by Chasing Delicious, Mulled Wine by Flourishing Foodie

It’s 11AM (or 7PM whatever) and it’s becoming very evident that the coziness you are craving isn’t going to be provided by your blanket cocoon. Your next move COULD be to bump the heat up–OR you could swagger over to your liquor cabinet and see what awaits you in (what I like to call) the cave of wonders.

Hot cocktails are all about preference and creativity. What do you like? Hot cider? Add a little rum. Coffee? Make it irish. Wine? Simmer it with some fruit and voila–it’s mulled. I love to spike a hot chocolate because you can’t really EVER go wrong with that, and my other favorites are hot toddys. Hot toddys are generally made with Whiskey/Rum, lemon, hot water, and spices (whatever you fancy). I’ve also just stumbled across a chamomile one on Honestly Yumm that sounded like it would make my cold day dreams come true, so it will be happening ASAP.

I don’t care what kind of pottery barn fleece you have swaddled around yourself; there is nothing warmer than a booze blanket and the eminent nap that will follow closely behind it.


1. Madewell 2. Sea of Shoes 3. Oracle Fox 4. Park and Cube 5. Man Repeller 6. Tumblr / Justletitbe 7. tumblr /unknown 8. it-girl-rag-doll

1. Madewell 2. Sea of Shoes 3. Oracle Fox 4. Park and Cube 5. Man Repeller 6. Tumblr / Justletitbe 7. tumblr /unknown 8. it-girl-rag-doll

What better opportunity to attempt all of those street style layering combos than during a mother nature induced game of freeze out?

What’s that? You got a new asos turtle neck, a zara sweater, and a cardigan from Topshop for Christmas? COMBO THAT SHIT. Layering is like slushie choices at Sonic, the choices are limitless. You don’t even have to wear it out of the house. Try on your new beanie and rock it while you play sodoku on your ipad. Get comfortable in new combinations in the comfort of your own home. Who knows? These new circumstances could cause a style revolution and a brand new wave of confidence you didn’t even know was WITHIN YOU.

If you need some ideas for your new clothes-on-clothes-on-clothes look, check out pinterest or any of the myriad of fashion blogs floating around the internet. Find a style you like and see how you can emulate it and make it your own.

Also wool socks. Always wear wool socks.

I’ve got more tips to share, but I thought I’d make this a series and keep 3-5 for a new post in a couple of days. We head to London tomorrow for some meetings and last minute souvenir shopping before hopping on a train to Amsterdam.

If you’d like to follow my adventures in real time, follow my instagram at @lacunningham

speak to you all soon

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Things that take some getting used to during in wintery England :

  • the time difference | 6 hours makes a difference when it comes to easy sweet dreams or painfully long hours of facebook creepage. I recommend a sleep aid and for you to put the coffee down. Immediately.
  • the weather | Give me a rainy day ANY time. I love them. But add a little wind and cold–things get a little bit slippery. Avoid: buying an umbrella with the country’s flag on it.
  • social norms | It doesn’t take long to gather what’s okay and what isn’t in a new culture. Just keep your eyes open. Oh, and whatever you do, do not pick up a British accent or inflection within the first week of visiting. You will be the target for jokes. Speaking from a friend’s experience…
  • the darkness | because the sun is never high and the its time to shine is cut a little shorter than in the states, you spend a little more time in the dark. Not complaining. If there’s one thing I love it’s a night stroll, city lights, and my favorite evening activity: dinner (will also accept dessert).

Because I’ve been spending a little more time in the moonlight lately, I thought I’d post a few things that has inspired. Namely my new need for all of the black accessories. I need a matte black watch more than I need an umbrella on a drizzly london afternoon. I want people to see my wrist and think, “Wow. That girl is chic and has her shit together. What a class act.” Then they’ll notice the oversized belt around my middle and, unbeknownst to my incessant desire to consume beer and baguettes, they will be impressed (and deceived) by my apparent waist size. Yeah, you could say I’ve got life figured out.

Headed to London today to be a total tourist. Photos galore to come.


To follow me in real time, check out my instagram at @lacunningham

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That’s Cheeky

Today on: What’s in the Travel Beauty Bag? I’m going to show you the cheek products and borderline excessive eye products that I’m taking along with me on my trip across the pond. How much packing have I gotten done otherwise? That’s like asking me how much of the Christmas leftovers remain.

Spoiler alert: The answer to both questions is none.



Products: Real Techniques multi task brush, MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Sun Kissed -I think-, and Wet ‘N Wild Blush in mulled wine)

Without my cheek products, I think people would be unsure if I was completely alive. Though I have recently been able to climb the foundation color scale from “Ivory” to “Buff,” I believe I still qualify for the “White People who are Pale as Paper” clubs. As I said before, prior to putting on any cheek product, I let my foundation set for around 2 minutes and then put the thinnest layer of finishing powder on top of it.

Because I’ve watched about six hundred tutorials about contouring my face, I think I can do it now in a way that doesn’t make me look like I’ve rolled in a clay pit. Using my Real Techniques brush (I think it’s called the multifunction brush or something like that) I trace my cheek bones, my temples, and around the crown of my hair line and chin with the bronzer (if you are pretentious and enjoy technical terms you might call this the “3 technique”). I use a MAC bronzer and highlighter because their mineralized powders are holy grail for me. The consistency and color pay off is great. If I was typing this on my phone I would’ve put an appropriate emoji…here.

I brush a single swirl of my Wet N Wild blush (in mulled wine) over the apples of my cheeks, and then hit the highest points of my face with my MAC mineralized skin finish in Soft and Gentle.

Fact: The best way to make yourself look like a damn fool is to use too much blush and bronzer. A light hand is not always a bad hand.



Revlon Lash Curler and Tweezers, Maybelline Falsies mascara (brown and black), Loreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil eyeliner (brown and black), MAC Cream Colour Base in shell, Real Techniques domed shadow brush, SOHO blending brush, angled brush (not sure what brand), and Benefit Gimme Brow brow gel in Medium Dark

When I said excessive, I don’t think I was exaggerating. The issue is that I’m going back and forth between “90’s grunge-barely there” eye looks and the ever present addiction I have to winged eyeliner and a defined crease. I’m really into defined brows right now, too, so I definitely couldn’t have left behind my tweezers and brow gel.

I also couldn’t have forgotten my tweezers because my brows go from “groomed” to “abstract topiary” in mere days. The benefit brow gel is a new product, but I’m really digging it so far. It keeps my brows in place and tints them, too. Brows frame the face–get bold about it (but for the love of god please don’t draw them on with a pencil).

I have been using solely my NAKED palette since it was gifted to me last Christmas, and you can believe me when I say that I’m still not over it. This year I decided to pick up the basics palette–which is six perfectly matte, neutral shades–and, based on the love I feel for it thus far, I feel like I need to give it it’s own post after I’ve been using it for awhile. TO BE CONTINUED.

As far as eyeliner and mascara go, they are interchangeable for whatever look i’m going for. Brown liner+Mascara are for days when I want my eyes to be a lot less of the focus (probably because I’m wearing the loudest lip color you’ve ever seen). Black liner+Mascara are for looks that are just the slightest bit more dramatic in the eyes and toned down in the lips.

As the time is winding down before I take to the skies, I should really probably get a move on trip preparations. I leave for Europe tomorrow and I cannot wait to share everything going on with whoever is reading this.

The last post of the Beauty Travel Bag series is tomorrow and it’s focusing on hair products and miscellaneous beauty products that accidentally found their way into my carry on.

follow me on instagram @lacunningham to see what I’m doing in real time!

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For the Love of Shearling


Because I’m a homebody, I find myself spending a lot of time burritoed in warm blankets while spending too much time on the internet.

By the grace of the Christmas angels, shearling (or the closest thing to blankets as fabric) is now a hot topic in the fashion world. Vests, over coats, hats, gloves, weird diapery shorts…you name it, fashionistas have found it. Shearling is great because, as a lining, it will keep you warmer than a sheep on a snowy Scotland pasture, and if it’s on the outside of your garment then you have a whole new textural element AND are now physically looking the part of the aforementioned sheep.

Shearling is also available in a lot of price ranges, and in a lot of styles. Some of my favorites this season are by Isabel Marant and ASOS.

So during these cold winter months, dawn yourself a fuzzy garment and pretend your day out is just as comfortable as your preferred, and slightly antisocial, day in.


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