Cheers to the Weekend

promoPG1 PG7a PG6 PG7b PG5b PG8b PG9 PG3 PG10a PG12Feeling crazy isn’t so crazy after all, or that’s what I’ve learned in my first few months of being 23. Between balancing work obligations, a semi-social life and room for new ventures and Netflix binges…things get a little hectic. I think maybe I’m beginning to figure out the rhythm, though. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Remember that it’s okay to not be working all the time. Having a job centered around emails and online business transactions is nearly impossible to get away from; that little red number on my screen depicting my unread emails viciously taunts me every time I try to ignore it. But you know what? A phone can be turned off for a little while. Business hours don’t have to be around the clock. Just because you’re your own boss doesn’t mean you have to be an unreasonable one. Give yourself a break. (Hint: It’s the weekend. Now is a good time).

Put reminders around of the things coming up that you are looking forward to or things you want to make happen. Seeing these will give you the gratification of knowing you’re working towards something. Also, put notes up about how great you are. (Future you will get a kick out of it when).

Figure out what organizational system works for you, or just figure out organization period. I’m a list maker. Give me a to do list and I will give you results. Other things I make lists for include: groceries, cleaning, restaurants to try and people I meant to call two weeks ago and forgot (I’m sorry.)

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve got three words for you: NEVER. ENDING. PANCAKES. Really it’s two words, but for the sake of drama I wanted to draw it out and give it the emphasis it deserves. There is a restaurant in Nashville called the Pfunky Griddle where you are given a table with a griddle on it and the options of french toast, pancakes, build-your-own omelettes and a variety of a la cart items.

After you make your decision, your server will return to the table with pitchers filled with your batter of choice. With the pancakes, you have a choice of white or whole grain batter and numerous topping options. I went for the whole grain with blueberries and bananas while my friend Mackenzie went white with strawberries and chocolate chips. Within a few minutes we had our griddle hot, buttered and ready for cooking.

The whole experience was really gratifying and definitely stands out from your normal breakfast place. Top that off with a hot cup of coffee, their sunny interior and a great conversation, and you’ve gotten your day started on exactly the right foot.

For more information on the Pfunky Griddle click here


Speak to you all soon!



Nashville Guide: Farmer’s Markets 2014

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite parts about visiting a new city is visiting its Farmer’s Markets. It’s exciting to me that by visiting one I am completely thrusting myself into the industries and people of its community. You might catch a whiff of the sizzling street food being prepared or the vibrant colors of this season’s produce; the buttery feel of a handmade lotion or the intricacies of a craft; the music of a local performer or the taste of a cheese sample that wins you over from the first bite. By visiting a Farmer’s Market you are supporting a community, and why only do it when you’re away from home?

When I started looking into to the markets in Nashville I was overwhelmed by the answer I got. Nashville has nine Farmer’s Markets in the metro area, each of them offering something unique. There is one in almost every large neighborhood, from Sylvan Park to East Nashville to Franklin. Even better than that, they are put on during different days of the week so it’s easy to make a visit to more than one. Check it out:



Nashville Farmer’s Market – Richland Park:
Where: 4711 Charlotte Avenue
When: Saturdays 9a-12p; May 3-October 25

West End:
Where: 4101 Harding Pike
When: Saturdays 9a-230p; April-November

Nashville Farmer’s Market:
Where: 900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
When: Everyday 8a-5pm; Year Round

Greenwood + Porter:
Where: Corner of Greenwood + Porter Rd, East Nashville
When: Mondays, 3-7p

East Tasty:
Where: 110 Gallatin Ave, In front of East High School
When: Saturdays 10a-2p, Will not be opening for 2014!
Sorry for the misinformation!

East Nashville:
Where: S. 20th St, Shelby Park
When: Wednesdays 330-7p; May 14-Oct 29

12 South:
Where: 3000 Granny White Pike, Sevier Park
When: Tuesdays 330-630p; Beginning May 6

hip Donelson:
Where: 2730 Old Lebanon Rd
When: Fridays 4-7p; Beginning May 9

Where: The Shed @ The Factory; 230 Franklin Road, Franklin TN
When: Saturdays 8a-1p; Year Round

No matter where you live, find out about the Farmer’s Markets in your area. Get excited about your community.


Speak to you all soon!



Weekend Playlist: NASHFEST

For those of you who don’t live in the amazing city that I call home, let me clue you in on something:

Nashville is having a M O M E N T

The spirit of this place is contagious. You can sense it–it’s literally everywhere; it’s in the food; it’s in the fashion; it’s in the music; it’s in the coffee; it’s in the social scene; it’s in the cocktails; it’s in the neighborhoods; it’s in the streets. Nashville is teeming with creativity and ambition and beauty,

And I want to share that with you.

I want to cultivate this blog to be a city guide for Nashville. A declaration of things you can’t possibly miss and things that you need to know about, no matter where in the world you are.

In fact, not just here, but for all of the places I visit. Come with me.

I haven’t done a playlist post in awhile, so to kickoff Nashfest 2014 I thought I’d get some jams together that spouted from around here. Some of these might be familiar to you and others may not, but I encourage you to give it a listen.

If you don’t have Spotify, here’s the entire track list so you can find them some other way, and you should:


  • Doses & Mimosas – Cherub
  • Thunderclatter – Wild Cub
  • Watering Can – Liza Anne
  • Just You – Amy Stroup
  • Mercury – Moon Taxi
  • Spotlight – Leagues
  • Can’t Wake Me Up – Apache Relay
  • Keep On Keeping On – Colony House
  • Love Me Now – Rebecca Roubion
  • Passenger – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
  • We Are Alive – Golden Youth
  • New News – Ranch Ghost
  • Those Killers – Phin
  • Screws Get Loose – Those Darlins
  • All Fall Down – Five Knives
  • Get up – Machines Are People Too
  • Want You – The Wans
  • Devil Don’t You Fool Me – Josh Farrow
  • Breakdown – Marquee Mayfield
  • Casual Vibes – The Lonely Biscuits
  • Feel Like Falling – My Red & Blue
  • Lipstick Summer – Mackenzie Elliott
  • Blue Hotel – Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden

(You should also take time to check out COIN, That’s My Kid, and Cardboard Kids)

Happy listening & Speak to you soon!


PS: For more Nashville music news, check out the website for our independent radio station Lightning 100