Living in a constantly moving city it’s easy to forget that there are places where things seem to stop, even if just for a little bit. My parents and I adventured to Radnor Lake the other morning to just be still. Just to feel the easiness and tranquility of simply being outside.

Hiking the trails, there were signs of spring everywhere. Tiny green arms reaching towards the sun; it’s sparkling reflection off of the once frozen lake surface; and branches snaking through each other, dotted with fuchsia buds which held the promise of a bloom. Spring made an appearance, and we were there to bear witness.

BB23BB8BB21BB13The thing about spring is that, for me at least, it’s natures reminder that all things can and do start fresh again; everything does in due time.

I often find myself indulging in the traditions of spring cleaning and clean eating and making things anew in my priorities and goals for the year, being careful not to step on toes of dreams I had before but instead develop them further and mold them into the person I’m becoming, rather than having them stand stiffly with the person I used to be.

The buds were a solid reminder that it’s okay to begin again, because new beginnings are beautiful and the final result is even more glorious.

Here’s to new beginnings, friends.



Speak to you all soon,