When We Were Young | Monday Playlist


Mondays are a test of positivity, patience and perseverance. They can take us down winding, frustrating paths we never deemed a possibility, and they can also simply (and ruthlessly) just take us down.

No matter how your Monday was I hope that you were able to push through to the other side. To help you make it through the last few bits of it, I’ve mixed up an old school playlist to kick the bad moods to the curb. Get yourself to a patio with your favorite drink (whether cocktail or coke) and pump up these jams. There is no way you’ll still be having a bad day afterwards, I can almost promise you.

I’ve got so many photos from my camping trip this weekend and news about upcoming travels as well!


Speak to you soon!




La Piscina | Pool OOTD

La Piscina

Sometimes a getaway is exactly what you need when life seems to have been whizzing past you at warp speed. It’s easy to lose the beauty in moments when they all start to melt together.

A pool day is definitely in order; one with rays of sunshine and beads of sweat that are not only symbols of a physical detox, but a mental one as well. I’m all about this monochromatic swimsuit paired with a tropical, patterned kaftan on top. A vintage inspired pair of shades to protect my eyes, sunscreen to protect my face and water to keep me hydrated through the day are my other essentials.

What do you do to take a breather?

Regular posting back SO soon.