What a week it is been. As you may have gathered from my lack of posts–it’s been incredibly busy. Between jobs and packing up my house and preparing for upcoming trips I haven’t had a whole lot of time to take a breather, let alone take my camera out for an adventure.
I’m incredibly grateful for these times in my life because they are when magic happens. In the midst of the buzz and the quick conversations and iphone calendar reminders and the meetings that feel like client speed dating…things start to happen. Pieces come together that have been in limbo until now and you start to realize how working hard is going to start paying off.
Leaps of faith and dreams and things are more than just the initial jump, but the journey before and after them. Leaps of faith are what keep life exciting, and no matter how scary they may seem at the time–remember that whether succeed or fail they will be worth it in the long run.
Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting photos for you all soon! Cincinnati next weekend, the beach next month, europe, and..other things on the horizon. Things are about to get real interesting.
Speak to you soon!

LA Photo Diary: Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery | via RLTC Magnolia Bakery | via RLTC Magnolia Bakery | via RLTC Magnolia Bakery | via RLTC Magnolia Bakery | via RLTC Magnolia Bakery | via RLTC Magnolia Bakery | via RLTC Magnolia Bakery | via RLTCI’m certain that it took a total of one time driving past Magnolia Bakery on 3rd Street in WeHo for me to make a decision that I’d be making my way back there no matter what it took. The alluring sign and promise of sweet temptations beckoned to me. I think the cake displays in the windows may have actually whispered to my subconscious, and when cake whispers you always listen.

Walking into the charming, mint green establishment a few days later I immediately knew I’d made the right decision. A table in the middle of the room welcomed me with examples of the bakery’s beautiful work. Near the back there were pastry chefs working on a new batch of cupcakes, newly frosted with pale pink buttercream and lightly sprinkled with white sugary pearls.

After talking to the girl behind the counter, I learned there are only a few Magnolia’s storefronts–one of those being in LA and the majority of them being in New York. Not wanting to miss an obviously God given opportunity, I ordered 3 chocolate and buttercream mini cupcakes and was on my way.

I’d later find out the only thing I was to be disappointed in was the fact that I didn’t order 10 more cupcakes, some cookies and a dozen blondies to boot.

To learn more about Magnolia and to order every baked good you ever need from now on, click here (they deliver!).

More photos tomorrow! Follow me on instagram at @lacunningham for more livefeed photos.

Speak to you soon!


Fashion Week Catchup // Wednesday-Thursday

My mind is actually blown that I’ve ended up in New York for fashion week this year. Luckily enough, I got here after much of the snow has subsided and have just been hitting pop up shops and promo parties like they are two-for-one Tuesdays in Nashville. MBFW is real, guys.

JK I’m actually wrapped up in an afghan, hair in a post-shower top knot and trying to downplay the sincerity of my late night hunger pains by aggressively clicking through every show available to me on in real time. The glam factor is here, everyone.

Seriously though, there are a lot of shows and I don’t know how any normal person is supposed to keep up with them, so I thought I’d post a few of my favorites from fall/winter 2014 thus far. Here. We. Go.

Rachel Roy
Rachel Roy FW 2014 Rachel Roy FW 2014 Rachel Roy FW 2014 Rachel Roy FW 2014

BCBG Maxazria
BCBG Maxazria F/W 2014

Whit F/W 2014Whit F/W 2014Whit F/W 2014

M. Patmos
M. Patmos F/W 2014

M. Patmos F/W 2014

M. Patmos F/W 2014

Wildfox F/W 2014

10 Crosby Derek Lam
10 Crosby Derek Lam F/W 2014

10 Crosby Derek Lam F/W 2014

10 Crosby Derek Lam F/W 2014

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up so we can all benefit from being current.

“Oh my GOSH, did you see that Wildfox line? Flowers in the boots?? Kil-ler”
-Me, the next time I want to sound like an asshat I know everything when I’m out with my friends.

Speak to you all soon!




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Keep Your Head Up

London Eye | by Lauren Cunningham

London Eye | by Lauren Cunningham

London Rooftops | Lauren Cunningham

London Rooftops | by Lauren Cunningham

Buckingham Palace | Lauren Cunningham

Buckingham Palace | by Lauren Cunningham

Pushing through crowds in a tourist ridden city sometimes can take a lot more effort than you bargain for. A brisk stroll across a walking bridge? You wish. Crosswalks with unfamiliar pedestrians? Forget it.

Eventually, you find yourself power walking with the posture of someone who appears to have an agenda and have convinced yourself that everyone simply must think you’re a local.

I have bad news: they don’t. They take note of your tourist tendencies. They see through your lies. The big giveaway is when your poise takes a nosedive as you see an empty red phone booth and sprint over to take advantage of the magic moment. Guilty. Oops.

Piccadilly Sky | Lauren Cunningham

Piccadilly Sky | by Lauren Cunningham

Union Jack | Lauren Cunningham

Union Jack | by Lauren Cunningham

London Rooftops | Lauren Cunningham

London Rooftops | by Lauren Cunningham

The biggest mistake we made while adventuring through London was one of our first times on the tube (London’s subway). We had exited our car and were en route to Covent Garden for a bite to eat. Feeling superior to all of the lazy, apathetic people who were heading towards the lifts,  we opted for the stairs instead.

What we saw was a sneaky quick exit instead of long lines and claustrophobic feelings. What we didn’t see was the sign that read: “THERE ARE 193 STAIRS. THAT IS EQUAL TO FIFTEEN FLOORS. YOUR THIGHS WILL BURN LIKE THAT OF 1000 FIERY SUNS.”  (There may have been some exaggeration just now, but you get it). After a lot of heavy breathing and thoughts of giving up, we made it. We saw the sun. We were alive.

There were two things we were both sure of after climbing that never ending spiral staircase from hell. The first, was that all my time in the gym leading up to this trip was WORTHLESS. The second, is that we would never second guess the masses of people waiting to take the lift ever again.


More updates from England soon. Also, Amsterdam on Friday and New York next week! 2014 is starting out incredibly.

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Things that take some getting used to during in wintery England :

  • the time difference | 6 hours makes a difference when it comes to easy sweet dreams or painfully long hours of facebook creepage. I recommend a sleep aid and for you to put the coffee down. Immediately.
  • the weather | Give me a rainy day ANY time. I love them. But add a little wind and cold–things get a little bit slippery. Avoid: buying an umbrella with the country’s flag on it.
  • social norms | It doesn’t take long to gather what’s okay and what isn’t in a new culture. Just keep your eyes open. Oh, and whatever you do, do not pick up a British accent or inflection within the first week of visiting. You will be the target for jokes. Speaking from a friend’s experience…
  • the darkness | because the sun is never high and the its time to shine is cut a little shorter than in the states, you spend a little more time in the dark. Not complaining. If there’s one thing I love it’s a night stroll, city lights, and my favorite evening activity: dinner (will also accept dessert).

Because I’ve been spending a little more time in the moonlight lately, I thought I’d post a few things that has inspired. Namely my new need for all of the black accessories. I need a matte black watch more than I need an umbrella on a drizzly london afternoon. I want people to see my wrist and think, “Wow. That girl is chic and has her shit together. What a class act.” Then they’ll notice the oversized belt around my middle and, unbeknownst to my incessant desire to consume beer and baguettes, they will be impressed (and deceived) by my apparent waist size. Yeah, you could say I’ve got life figured out.

Headed to London today to be a total tourist. Photos galore to come.


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Prepare for takeoff

Happy Sunday, friends! As 2013 comes to a close, I’m find myself reminiscing over what a big year it’s been. For instance, I graduated college (BFA in fashion design & minor in graphic design, aka the hardest 4 years of my life), my brother got married, I met so many great new people in Nashville, my career path started to unfold, and I consumed more than one entire pizza with no regrets. Also there was whiskey. A lot of whiskey.

Let’s march onward to my last installation in my travel beauty series before I board my transatlantic flight, shall we?



Products: Conair curling iron 1″, Pureology Reviving Red Shampoo, Moroccan Oil LIGHT Treatment, Kevin Murphy Hair Resort spray, Batiste dry shampoo in Blush, a gross understatement of how many bobby pins and hair ties I actually brought

Oh, hair. My hair is something I understand about as much as I understand complex math. I get how it is SUPPOSED to work–I’ve watched the tutorials, I’ve read the articles, I’ve purchased the miracle products. However, when it comes to me actually USING the knowledge and trying to produce the effortless curls that I marveled at on Pinterest, they look less “Beach Chic” and more “Sassy Ramen.” It’s the worst.

Though I am far from having a lot of great hair days, good hair days are easier to come by because of the stellar bunch of hair products I’ve found within the last few months. The Pureology shampoo is the newest addition. It is 100% Vegan, free of sulfates and other harmful bits, contains a lot of beneficial oils (Jaljala, Coconut, and Olive to name a few)  and boasts an antifade complex that it will make my red hair last as long as possible. It not only makes my hair feel great, but also my scalp. HIGHLY Recommend.

After towel drying my hair, I apply about a dime sized amount of Moroccan Oil (also known as, hair salvation) starting at the roots and then throughout my hair. I, then, spray the Kevin Murphy texturizer through my limp locks. Putting these products in before drying allows them to really sink into the strands of hair as they are being heated. After blasting hot air at my head for about five minutes and fighting frizz with my paddle brush, I have a soft, voluminous, and not-too-straight mane of hair.

Lastly, the dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the answer to not wanting to wash your hair as often. Batiste and I are best friends. We go everywhere together. Affordable, effective, and not overly fragrant, dry shampoo makes my days between washes (often times there is a beanie involved) a lot more bearable, and a lot less homeless looking.



I thought I would include some tidbits that I couldn’t bear to leave home without.

  • First of all, my arm candy (did that make me sound like a member of the fashion elite?) Most of them are simple silver bangles, courteusy of my sweet mom, and there is also a beaded one I wear which mom wears as well–we’re close.
  • The next item is hashtag CRUCIAL. This red lipstick is the most wonderful, matte, long lasting red lipstick I have ever worn. Write this down: MAC. MATTE FINISH. RUBY WOO. All thank you notes can be sent to my email inbox.
  • I’m bringing along two mini O.P.I. polishes, in Vampsterdam and You Don’t Know Jacques, because I like to think that I am going to keep my hands looking manicured while I’m traveling. But if we’re being honest, I’d probably rather spend that time scouting out Europe’s best macarons. Aim high, Lauren. Aim high.
  • Perfume says a lot about a person. I enjoy tricking people into thinking that I’m a big deal, so I typically spritz on Miss Dior eau de parfum. If you want to have the same scent as I imagine Aphrodite did, wear this.
  • The last item is a necklace I purchased from a small designer named Cynthia Rybakoff while at the Chelsea Market in New York. She not only designed it, but is a gemologist and was able to tell me the qualities of the moonstone in my necklace. What a lady.

I am counting down the seconds until I am on my first flight. I am not counting down the meals I have left before I get to treat myself to one of those airplane premade feasts. Please, Lord, let there be a pasta option. If there’s one thing that can get me through a nine hour flight…it’s carbs.

Speak to you all when I touch down in the U.K.!

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