March Favorites // April Playlist

FAVE_03141. The Spring Madewell Catalogue. It’s basically describing the Madewell girl to be a pretty tomboy. HELLO, is it me you’re looking for? They should just rename their brand to “hammer” because they nailed it. I poured over all of the images and outfits and a particular pair of boyfriend shorts (pictured above) all month. Check out their new collection here.

2. My little green roommate whose been bringing me positive feelings and hope for spring. I got this succulent at Trader Joe’s (which may as well be a favorite item in itself) for literally  $2.50.

3. The amethyst I picked up at the Flea Market was obviously a no brainer. Look how faceted and purple it is. It’s also my birth stone, so the fact that it’s in my room must mean that I’m really building up my Aquarius points about now. Right?

4. ULTIMATE SPRING LIPSTICK: Vegas Volt from MAC. It’s a florescent coral color that will change your life no matter what your skin tone may be.

5. Grace. I hadn’t had a chance to read Grace Coddington’s perfect memoir until now. I spotted it on a friend’s coffee table and promptly interrupted our conversation to inform him that I would be checking it out of his personal library.

6. Josephine. I really should stop talking about it, but I’m not over it yet. The wine list was never ending, the cheese plate was impressive, and the atmosphere was really unique for a Nashville restaurant. If you get the chance you’ve got to go.

7. Trader Joe’s (85% Cacao) Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar. Because I’ve tried to adapt some better eating habits this year, dark chocolate is my savior when I am craving something sweet but am trying my damnedest to battle my sugar cravings. I eat a 1 inch square and I am sa-tis-fied.

8. Maroon Zara boots. I got these for Christmas and they have been on my feet almost every day since then. Comfortable, versatile, pointed toe…another testament to my Masculine/Feminine wardrobe aesthetic. I’m not sure they still have this exact pair, but I can promise that you’ll stumble across another pair you like here.

9. LUSH Cosmetics Rosie giftbox. I bought this for myself and I’ve never felt more like a pampered princess than when I was surrounded by rose scented bubbles and then slathered in a rich, fragrant rose+aragon body conditioner. (Pro tip: don’t use the bubble macaroon in a jacuzzi. Don’t ask…just don’t.)

& finally

It wouldn’t be the beginning of a new month without a new playlist. Thanks to a flurry of SXSW recaps and Spotify success stories, I’ve discovered a lot of addictive (and eclectic) tuneage this month; it just so happens that it’s perfect for putting a little *spring* in your step. Open up your windows and enjoy…



Speak to you all soon!





Lululemon Future Varsity Bra Nike Muscle Tank Nike Muscle Tank (back) Calvin Klein tapered sweatpants Nike Windrunner Zipup VS Knockout tights Lululemon Yoga BagNike Dual Fusion - Crosstrain

Excuses are for chumps–and I am one so here goes: I haven’t posted in a hot minute because things got crazy. And when I say crazy, I really just mean that I had a lot of hugs to give and food to eat upon my return home to Nashville. The remainder of the trip was exquisite (afternoons in Amsterdam and exploring New York), but I was beyond ready to board my plane home. Something about having my own room again, and friends sending me sappy, all caps text messages.

Upon my return and reuniting with friends and familiar bars, I’ve  also put my game face on and have made an astoundingly strong return to my gym routine. My muscles are starting to get their strength back and my motivation for a healthy lifestyle doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

As you’ve scrolled down this far, that means you’ve feasted your eyes upon my workout wishlist. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I have one pair of acceptable gym pants and a hand-me-down pair of tennis shoes that are about ready to run off of my feet. Fingers are crossed I’ll be able to invest in some new workout duds ASAP. Until then, my shopping carts on Nike and Lululemon are just going to continue expanding and then remain untouched until payday.

I hope I can be a little bit of a motivator for you guys to keep up with your fitness resolutions and newfound relationships with the gym (even if it’s just for the ripped dudes on the weight floor–I don’t hate it). Todays motivation doesn’t come in a quote or a picture of my (sort of not even a little) toned abs, but instead in a little playlist I like to call: TWERKOUT.


Add these puppies to a Spotify playlist, or one you made in iTunes because you are my hero and already have all of these songs at your disposal, and crank the jams as you make your way around the weight floor.

You’re welcome.