Spring Drink | Champagne Lemonade

FIRSTChampagne Lemonade-733It is finally the season of brunching on patios and spending the afternoons in sunrooms. Light drinks, like wines, sangrias, and spritzers, are typically what I lean towards on those kinds of days, and last summer my friend Lauren showed me a great recipe that is a winning combo of all of those things: Champagne Lemonade.

This recipe is super affordable, easy to throw together, and results in super refreshing and slightly carbonated sips all around.

You will need:
• Fruit of your choosing (We used lemons, strawberries, black, berries, and lime)
• Herbs of your choosing (Rosemary adds a great herbal flavor, but I’m also excited to try mint, basil, lavender, and ginger with this recipe)
• Lemonade (Newman’s Own Organic Virgin Lemonade is a great choice, there are no unexpected ingredients or processed sugars)
• Champagne (You can’t really go wrong on this part)

Champagne Lemonade-662
Step One: 
Prepare your fruit: wash, slice, remove the seeds, etc. Combine and put aside.


Step Two: 
Pop your Champagne! Now you feel like you’re celebrating.

Remember: Popping a bottle does not have to be a near death experience. First, carefully remove the cage from the cork (Note: The cork is not going to shoot out of the top without a little bit of effort on your part). Breathe, you’re halfway there. Grab a dishtowel and place on top of the cork, stand near the sink, tilt the bottle at a 45 degree angle, breathe once again and slowly remove the cork from the bottle. The cork will POP and it may startle you, but you probably won’t experience death by carbonation.

Just remember to go slow and to store your Champagne in a stationary place. The less you move it the less pressure that will build.


Step 3
Decide how much you want to make. Once you decide, you will need the final result to amount to around 2/3 Champagne and 1/3 Lemonade. If you want to make 6 cups worth, which is a good amount for a get together, then you will need to measure out 4 cups of champagne and 2 cups of lemonade. These numbers aren’t concrete–just mix and taste until it tastes delicious to you! (a little more champagne never hurts, right?)


Champagne Lemonade-699CLtext2

Step 4
Add the fruit you prepared to the mix, as well as your herbs, then, put it in the fridge and let it chill for an hour so; all of the flavors will begin to extract and mingle together. Right before your friends arrive get it out; this is so you look really prepared. T3Champagne Lemonade-730

Serve your drinks with an herb garnish, and maybe try to get some actual fruit in the glass as well. I can tell you already: your drink is going to be a hit.


Hope you guys enjoyed this!


Speak to you soon!







*photos and graphics by Lauren Cunningham*

How to Survive a Polar Vortex in Style | PART I

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, either because you’ve frozen or because you’ve heard about it in the news, the U.S. is currently pretending to be Antarctica while it rides out the remainder of the polar vortex. Somehow, I managed to plan my Europe trip at the same time as Nashville’s transformation into Tundra Town, and I have never been more comfortable skipping around in a (chilly) 50 degrees.

“Did she say chilly 50 degrees?” Oh I did. And I said it from underneath my tiger print fleece blanket.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about how angry clueless I’d be in enjoying myself if I was around temperatures that dropped into the negatives, so I made little guide that might be helpful in making your shivering a little more chic.


Irish coffee by 52 Kitchen Adventures, Chamomile Hot Toddy by Honesty Yumm, Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate by Chasing Delicious, Mulled Wine by Flourishing Foodie

Irish coffee by 52 Kitchen Adventures, Chamomile Hot Toddy by Honesty Yumm, Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate by Chasing Delicious, Mulled Wine by Flourishing Foodie

It’s 11AM (or 7PM whatever) and it’s becoming very evident that the coziness you are craving isn’t going to be provided by your blanket cocoon. Your next move COULD be to bump the heat up–OR you could swagger over to your liquor cabinet and see what awaits you in (what I like to call) the cave of wonders.

Hot cocktails are all about preference and creativity. What do you like? Hot cider? Add a little rum. Coffee? Make it irish. Wine? Simmer it with some fruit and voila–it’s mulled. I love to spike a hot chocolate because you can’t really EVER go wrong with that, and my other favorites are hot toddys. Hot toddys are generally made with Whiskey/Rum, lemon, hot water, and spices (whatever you fancy). I’ve also just stumbled across a chamomile one on Honestly Yumm that sounded like it would make my cold day dreams come true, so it will be happening ASAP.

I don’t care what kind of pottery barn fleece you have swaddled around yourself; there is nothing warmer than a booze blanket and the eminent nap that will follow closely behind it.


1. Madewell 2. Sea of Shoes 3. Oracle Fox 4. Park and Cube 5. Man Repeller 6. Tumblr / Justletitbe 7. tumblr /unknown 8. it-girl-rag-doll

1. Madewell 2. Sea of Shoes 3. Oracle Fox 4. Park and Cube 5. Man Repeller 6. Tumblr / Justletitbe 7. tumblr /unknown 8. it-girl-rag-doll

What better opportunity to attempt all of those street style layering combos than during a mother nature induced game of freeze out?

What’s that? You got a new asos turtle neck, a zara sweater, and a cardigan from Topshop for Christmas? COMBO THAT SHIT. Layering is like slushie choices at Sonic, the choices are limitless. You don’t even have to wear it out of the house. Try on your new beanie and rock it while you play sodoku on your ipad. Get comfortable in new combinations in the comfort of your own home. Who knows? These new circumstances could cause a style revolution and a brand new wave of confidence you didn’t even know was WITHIN YOU.

If you need some ideas for your new clothes-on-clothes-on-clothes look, check out pinterest or any of the myriad of fashion blogs floating around the internet. Find a style you like and see how you can emulate it and make it your own.

Also wool socks. Always wear wool socks.

I’ve got more tips to share, but I thought I’d make this a series and keep 3-5 for a new post in a couple of days. We head to London tomorrow for some meetings and last minute souvenir shopping before hopping on a train to Amsterdam.

If you’d like to follow my adventures in real time, follow my instagram at @lacunningham

speak to you all soon

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