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Things that take some getting used to during in wintery England :

  • the time difference | 6 hours makes a difference when it comes to easy sweet dreams or painfully long hours of facebook creepage. I recommend a sleep aid and for you to put the coffee down. Immediately.
  • the weather | Give me a rainy day ANY time. I love them. But add a little wind and cold–things get a little bit slippery. Avoid: buying an umbrella with the country’s flag on it.
  • social norms | It doesn’t take long to gather what’s okay and what isn’t in a new culture. Just keep your eyes open. Oh, and whatever you do, do not pick up a British accent or inflection within the first week of visiting. You will be the target for jokes. Speaking from a friend’s experience…
  • the darkness | because the sun is never high and the its time to shine is cut a little shorter than in the states, you spend a little more time in the dark. Not complaining. If there’s one thing I love it’s a night stroll, city lights, and my favorite evening activity: dinner (will also accept dessert).

Because I’ve been spending a little more time in the moonlight lately, I thought I’d post a few things that has inspired. Namely my new need for all of the black accessories. I need a matte black watch more than I need an umbrella on a drizzly london afternoon. I want people to see my wrist and think, “Wow. That girl is chic and has her shit together. What a class act.” Then they’ll notice the oversized belt around my middle and, unbeknownst to my incessant desire to consume beer and baguettes, they will be impressed (and deceived) by my apparent waist size. Yeah, you could say I’ve got life figured out.

Headed to London today to be a total tourist. Photos galore to come.


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