Kentucky Bourbon Trail | Map

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I remember someone once told me that if you want to know more about something, you should surround yourself with it; if you want to learn French, go to France; if you want to know about art, visit as many galleries as you can; and if you want to know about Bourbon-Whiskey, go to Kentucky. So (you better believe) I did.

On the way up to the cabin, since we would be driving through bourbon country, we decided to make a stop on the Bourbon Trail–AKA the region that America’s best distilleries call home. After much debate on where to start we decided on Woodford Reserve in Versailles* Kentucky(there was really no competition, let’s be honest).

*Pronounced “VER-SALES” if you’re a native and also if you don’t know what France is.

The tour through the distillery was about an hour long and took us through each stage of the bourbon process from cooking to consumption*. The Woodford distillery is the oldest around in the states; it was built some time in the late 1700s and the architectural style is so truly Scots-Irish you may forget you’re in Kentucky. After being up close and personal with such much bourbon, it’s a little bit hard for me to tell myself not to start a micro distillery…in my kitchen.

*My favorite part was the consumption.

After visiting my first distillery it’s now become a goal of mine to visit the rest on the trail. (Who doesn’t want to drink learn more about bourbon and the area that does it best?). To make that journey a little easier, for myself and for anyone else who wants to join in, I thought I’d make a little map. Bon Voyage!



After a change of plans I’ll be leaving for Charleston tomorrow in the A M and making stops in Chattanooga, Atlanta, and who knows where else. Why not make a long drive into a real road trip, right?


Speak to you soon!

TGIF | Nashville Summer P. I

promonashvillenashville4TGIF | via Red Lips + Tortilla Chips nashville6b

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to style and shoot, Nashville pop musician, Mackenzie Elliott. During our creative meeting we storyboarded the perfect series of shots to show the world what her music is really made of; in a few words: girl power, pink and pure joy.

For the first chapter of the story we wanted to have a retro vibe to capitalize on Mackenzie’s love of fifties-inspired fashion. After doing some research, we found out where we could find  a) the exact old school diner feel we were hoping for and b) some of the best milkshakes in town: Elliston Place Soda Shop.

The old-school neon sign out front signaled our arrival. A bell-tone greeted us as we pushed open the front door; light to poured in over the red leather benches of the booths and colorful tiled floor though the big front windows of the storefront. The jukebox in the back beckoned us to come choose a song, but first we had to choose a milkshake. After much debate, we went with strawberry and our sweet waitress promised she would return within a few minutes. Before we even had time to plan the first shots, she was back with the most perfect pink milkshake we had ever seen (served in a glass and topped with whipped cream). Y U M.

Get there.

Really excited to share the photos from the shoot! They turned out beautifully.


Speak to you soon!



Cheers to the Weekend

promoPG1 PG7a PG6 PG7b PG5b PG8b PG9 PG3 PG10a PG12Feeling crazy isn’t so crazy after all, or that’s what I’ve learned in my first few months of being 23. Between balancing work obligations, a semi-social life and room for new ventures and Netflix binges…things get a little hectic. I think maybe I’m beginning to figure out the rhythm, though. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Remember that it’s okay to not be working all the time. Having a job centered around emails and online business transactions is nearly impossible to get away from; that little red number on my screen depicting my unread emails viciously taunts me every time I try to ignore it. But you know what? A phone can be turned off for a little while. Business hours don’t have to be around the clock. Just because you’re your own boss doesn’t mean you have to be an unreasonable one. Give yourself a break. (Hint: It’s the weekend. Now is a good time).

Put reminders around of the things coming up that you are looking forward to or things you want to make happen. Seeing these will give you the gratification of knowing you’re working towards something. Also, put notes up about how great you are. (Future you will get a kick out of it when).

Figure out what organizational system works for you, or just figure out organization period. I’m a list maker. Give me a to do list and I will give you results. Other things I make lists for include: groceries, cleaning, restaurants to try and people I meant to call two weeks ago and forgot (I’m sorry.)

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve got three words for you: NEVER. ENDING. PANCAKES. Really it’s two words, but for the sake of drama I wanted to draw it out and give it the emphasis it deserves. There is a restaurant in Nashville called the Pfunky Griddle where you are given a table with a griddle on it and the options of french toast, pancakes, build-your-own omelettes and a variety of a la cart items.

After you make your decision, your server will return to the table with pitchers filled with your batter of choice. With the pancakes, you have a choice of white or whole grain batter and numerous topping options. I went for the whole grain with blueberries and bananas while my friend Mackenzie went white with strawberries and chocolate chips. Within a few minutes we had our griddle hot, buttered and ready for cooking.

The whole experience was really gratifying and definitely stands out from your normal breakfast place. Top that off with a hot cup of coffee, their sunny interior and a great conversation, and you’ve gotten your day started on exactly the right foot.

For more information on the Pfunky Griddle click here


Speak to you all soon!



Vineyard Afternoons + Wine Tasting Dos / Donts

promowine6wine4wine8wine1wine14wine5wine2wine13wine3wine12wine9wine11bI think having an affinity for wine is something most regions of the world can relate to. While my favorite bottles come from places like Argentina and France, an afternoon at a vineyard in Tennessee was a great way to escape from the dizziness of everyday obligations.

About 45 minutes out of Nashville, there is a slice of southern paradise called Arrington Vineyards. The drive out weaves between rustic family farms and flower filled fields. It’s far enough from the highway to feel solitude but close enough that making a visit more than once a season isn’t hard to do. The vineyard offers free tastings (up to nine wines), music on warm weekend nights and plenty of picnic tables. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a sunny day.

Vineyards can be found all over the place, it just takes a little looking to know where to find them. Next time you have a free day gather some friends (1 or 20) and road trip to one around you. It will result in a memorable day that’s an escape from every day life. While you’re there, take advantage of the opportunity to taste the wines the vineyard offers! You never know what new tastes you may discover and love from then on.

I put together a little guide to help you on your next wine tasting adventure. The biggest thing is just to learn a little something, relax and have fun!

Wine Tastings Dos + Do Nots | Via Red Lips + Tortilla ChipsSpeak to you soon!




Nashville Guide: Farmer’s Markets 2014

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite parts about visiting a new city is visiting its Farmer’s Markets. It’s exciting to me that by visiting one I am completely thrusting myself into the industries and people of its community. You might catch a whiff of the sizzling street food being prepared or the vibrant colors of this season’s produce; the buttery feel of a handmade lotion or the intricacies of a craft; the music of a local performer or the taste of a cheese sample that wins you over from the first bite. By visiting a Farmer’s Market you are supporting a community, and why only do it when you’re away from home?

When I started looking into to the markets in Nashville I was overwhelmed by the answer I got. Nashville has nine Farmer’s Markets in the metro area, each of them offering something unique. There is one in almost every large neighborhood, from Sylvan Park to East Nashville to Franklin. Even better than that, they are put on during different days of the week so it’s easy to make a visit to more than one. Check it out:



Nashville Farmer’s Market – Richland Park:
Where: 4711 Charlotte Avenue
When: Saturdays 9a-12p; May 3-October 25

West End:
Where: 4101 Harding Pike
When: Saturdays 9a-230p; April-November

Nashville Farmer’s Market:
Where: 900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
When: Everyday 8a-5pm; Year Round

Greenwood + Porter:
Where: Corner of Greenwood + Porter Rd, East Nashville
When: Mondays, 3-7p

East Tasty:
Where: 110 Gallatin Ave, In front of East High School
When: Saturdays 10a-2p, Will not be opening for 2014!
Sorry for the misinformation!

East Nashville:
Where: S. 20th St, Shelby Park
When: Wednesdays 330-7p; May 14-Oct 29

12 South:
Where: 3000 Granny White Pike, Sevier Park
When: Tuesdays 330-630p; Beginning May 6

hip Donelson:
Where: 2730 Old Lebanon Rd
When: Fridays 4-7p; Beginning May 9

Where: The Shed @ The Factory; 230 Franklin Road, Franklin TN
When: Saturdays 8a-1p; Year Round

No matter where you live, find out about the Farmer’s Markets in your area. Get excited about your community.


Speak to you all soon!



Consider the Wldflwrs | Nashville TN


“ was created to write + share stories through a variety of mediums while curating a simple and natural aesthetic. It houses considerthewldflwrs – a jewelry line handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee which seeks to discover wild beauty through the exploration of craft. Each design and collection is uniquely inspired often by travel, natural imperfections + a thirst for discovery. We believe that in exploring our creativity through these crafts and getting lost in art we catch a glimpse of grace. As we continue to grow we hope to pass on this passion for craft and simplicity.” –Mission Statement of Consider the Wldflwrs


TackleBoxFull2Necklaces4I spent this morning bellied up to a work table learning about the art of metal working and chatting about the vision of Consider the Wldflwrs with founder, Emily Howard. With a heart for philanthropy and a creative spirit, she has started growing a brand that not only crafts simple, beautiful jewelry but also one that gives back to the lives of others. Each time a sale is made, 25%  of its proceeds go to a non-profit ministry called “Victory of Heart” for young girls in Tyler, Texas*.

The designs are inspired by nature and by Emily’s personal style. She started off redesigning pieces she would find at flea markets and turning them into one of a kind statement accessories. As Consider the Wldflwrs grew so did the aesthetic and the etsy store. With a few craft fairs under her belt and international orders being filled, the word of the brand is spreading, and it’s easy to see why. Each piece is crafted by hand with care, good materials, and solid methods. I definitely plan on purchasing in the near future; I don’t think I can live without that constellation necklace and at least 100 of those perfectly dainty gold rings. They’re pieces that would be really easy to integrate into any look, and probably never take off after that.

To learn more about Consider the Wldflwrs click here
To get to their store click here

*25% of each sale from considerthewldflwrs jewelry is given to a non-profit ministry called “Victory of Heart” for young girls in Tyler, Texas. Victory of Heart illustrates restoration and hope as they seek to encourage a generation of young women. –via CTWf website


Speak to you all soon!



Spring Dreams | Jamie & the Jones SS14

img_0308 img_0829 IMG_0004 img_0938 img_1047 IMG_0018 img_1121 IMG_0027 img_1139 IMG_0011

Collection: Spring/Summer 2014 Jamie & The Jones • Photography: Brett Warren • Video: Tyler Evans


I cannot get over the hues and simple, beautiful shapes of, Nashville based fashion label, Jamie & The Jones for Spring/Summer 2014. Each piece is so organic and the combination of dye colors/techniques only furthers the uniqueness of it all. Not only are the pieces pretty, but they are hand marbled and handmade in Nashville. The collection was done in collaboration with Shutters and Shuttles.

The ambiance of the shoot could not have been better for the collection. The dewey skin, softness of the hair and speckled nails are the cherries on top. My vision of spring has been officially been epitomized.

To see more of Jamie & The Jones work, click here


Speak to you all soon!



High Garden Tea | Nashville

HGpromoHG27 HG18 HG45 HG31HG40 HG33 HG34 HG23HG10HG2 HG25 HG8-B HG HG29HG9 HG37HG30HG26 HG46 HG44 HG32HG51 HG35The first time I had a taste of High Garden’s tea was sometime during the cold and flu season of 2013. I was working at a café, who carried their products, and urged by my co-workers to try a blend called “Sing,” when I started losing a battle to a sore throat. Sing is an herbal tea blend that contains: Plantain, Mullein, Sage, Marshmallow Root, Hyssop, Peppermint, Thyme, Licorice Root,  Wild Cherry Bark. After the immediate soothing and relentless enjoyment brought to me by my first cup I was hooked.

High Garden is a small local business run by the most charming dynamic duo: Tea aficionado, Joel, and Herbologist, Leah. They thrive on sharing their knowledge of living a natural, healthy life via the route of herbal wellness. I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon there last week and from the moment I walked in I felt so comfortable and welcome.

Shelves lined with colorful jars filled with tea from regions all over the world, and colorful herbs sourced from various places, including local suppliers, greet you as you walk in the front door. Not only are there teas and herbs, but also natural beauty products, tea brewing supplies, herbal supplements, a wealth of knowledge, and so on. If you don’t know much about teas or herbs, don’t be afraid to ask; your question will be given an enthusiastic and easy to understand explanation by one of my two new favorite people on this earth. You are invited to purchase product to take with you, and/or to enjoy some in the store. (I highly suggest both).

Within the afternoon that I spent at High Garden I feel like I began to understand and appreciate the things they were so passionate about. Since going, I’ve started doing some research about living more naturally, herbal remedies and regions where tea is grown. I hope to be visiting again soon for another insightful chat and a new bag full of a blend that can replace the quickly disappearing packets of Calm tea that I purchased just a few days ago.

For more information check out High Garden’s website here.


Speak to you all soon!



Sweet Tooth

_JB copy.jpg JB5 Cookies are one of those things that can take a bad day, no matter the circumstances, and make it (at least) a little bit better.  For me,  just the idea of a fresh batch arouses feelings of nostalgia; the smell of them baking captivates my senses and reawakens childlike anticipations. I’m not sure that ever goes away.
JB3JB7JB8JB10JB11Seven years ago, a fellow named Jake moved to Nashville with his wife, Liz, with no intentions of starting a baking business. The concept of a cookie delivery service was conceived offhandedly on a drive home from the beach. Fast forward to now and the self taught baker has been making the dough for a little over a year (pun intended).JB2JB14JB17JB18I have ordered Jakes Bakes several times. My roommates and I can’t get over the fact that whenever we have a cookie craving, it can be conveniently satisfied. The chocolate chip ones are probably my favorite followed by the snickerdoodle (sugar+cinnamon). No matter what you order they are brought to you fresh and warm and, from my experience, whoever is delivering them will be just as delightful as the cookies themselves.

After spending a couple of hours with the team in the kitchen I feel confident in saying that Jake’s Bakes is a cookie delivery service whose driving force is exactly this:

Cookies make people happy.

And that is a business model that I can get behind.

To find out more about Jakes Bakes you can go to their website here.
(Or you could just call and make an order for yourself.)



Making a trip home to Arkansas on Sunday.  Find me on instagram at @lacunningham to follow along with my exploring.


Speak to you soon,







Living in a constantly moving city it’s easy to forget that there are places where things seem to stop, even if just for a little bit. My parents and I adventured to Radnor Lake the other morning to just be still. Just to feel the easiness and tranquility of simply being outside.

Hiking the trails, there were signs of spring everywhere. Tiny green arms reaching towards the sun; it’s sparkling reflection off of the once frozen lake surface; and branches snaking through each other, dotted with fuchsia buds which held the promise of a bloom. Spring made an appearance, and we were there to bear witness.

BB23BB8BB21BB13The thing about spring is that, for me at least, it’s natures reminder that all things can and do start fresh again; everything does in due time.

I often find myself indulging in the traditions of spring cleaning and clean eating and making things anew in my priorities and goals for the year, being careful not to step on toes of dreams I had before but instead develop them further and mold them into the person I’m becoming, rather than having them stand stiffly with the person I used to be.

The buds were a solid reminder that it’s okay to begin again, because new beginnings are beautiful and the final result is even more glorious.

Here’s to new beginnings, friends.



Speak to you all soon,