My name is Lauren and I am a twenty-something full of creativity, wanderlust and a never-ending craving for scrumptious food and wine. With the help of overflowing mugs of coffee I lead a life of being a freelance graphic designer, brand developer, consultant, fashion stylist, photographer and whatever else life leads me to be. Sometimes life gets a little hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Red Lips and Tortilla Chips is a blog centered around my love for travel, food, design and sass. Going into it, I was nervous it would end up like some of my other blogging attempts–neglected and collecting virtual dust in a corner of the internet that had gotten lost in the buzz of this crazy life. Turns out, though, it’s become anything but forgotten. This blog is a place of reflection on my travels; a love story centered around my home of Nashville; a thoughtful curation of design and people who further inspire me in my endeavors; a release of my love for being creative through illustration, typography, photography and everything in between; this blog is a place where I hope to drive people to live life moment by moment and strive to see the magic in the simplicity of being.

I want to inspire people to not be afraid of building a life that they see themselves loving; there is nothing impossible about making dreams come true, take a baby step every day and you’ll start to see great things happen.

It’s a journey of growth and learning to appreciate feast and famine. It’s life, and it’s beautiful.

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