BacktoBack | Monday Playlist


To say things have been busy this month would be an incredible understatement. Between festive parties (wow such social life), rush deadlines at work, being home for the holidays and trying to maintain a lifestyle that was equal parts gym and brunch (or maybe more brunch, but who’s keeping track)… things got a little out of hand.

Also if we’re being truthful I got lazy and I was REALLY into using my free time to rewatch every single episode of the office (sorry not sorry.)

However, things are finally beginning to calm down so I’m really excited to return to regular posting! Although I didn’t get as many gift guides and things up in December as I would’ve liked, I can say with confidence that I’ve got some cool things coming up now that my schedule has given me a little bit of a break.

To start getting back in the swing of things…your Monday playlist! Although it’s kind of a mix of upbeat and slower songs I figured it was appropriate for this crazy time of year.



Speak to you soon!


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