High Garden Tea | Nashville

HGpromoHG27 HG18 HG45 HG31HG40 HG33 HG34 HG23HG10HG2 HG25 HG8-B HG HG29HG9 HG37HG30HG26 HG46 HG44 HG32HG51 HG35The first time I had a taste of High Garden’s tea was sometime during the cold and flu season of 2013. I was working at a café, who carried their products, and urged by my co-workers to try a blend called “Sing,” when I started losing a battle to a sore throat. Sing is an herbal tea blend that contains: Plantain, Mullein, Sage, Marshmallow Root, Hyssop, Peppermint, Thyme, Licorice Root,  Wild Cherry Bark. After the immediate soothing and relentless enjoyment brought to me by my first cup I was hooked.

High Garden is a small local business run by the most charming dynamic duo: Tea aficionado, Joel, and Herbologist, Leah. They thrive on sharing their knowledge of living a natural, healthy life via the route of herbal wellness. I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon there last week and from the moment I walked in I felt so comfortable and welcome.

Shelves lined with colorful jars filled with tea from regions all over the world, and colorful herbs sourced from various places, including local suppliers, greet you as you walk in the front door. Not only are there teas and herbs, but also natural beauty products, tea brewing supplies, herbal supplements, a wealth of knowledge, and so on. If you don’t know much about teas or herbs, don’t be afraid to ask; your question will be given an enthusiastic and easy to understand explanation by one of my two new favorite people on this earth. You are invited to purchase product to take with you, and/or to enjoy some in the store. (I highly suggest both).

Within the afternoon that I spent at High Garden I feel like I began to understand and appreciate the things they were so passionate about. Since going, I’ve started doing some research about living more naturally, herbal remedies and regions where tea is grown. I hope to be visiting again soon for another insightful chat and a new bag full of a blend that can replace the quickly disappearing packets of Calm tea that I purchased just a few days ago.

For more information check out High Garden’s website here.


Speak to you all soon!



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