With spring comes rain and with rain comes tranquility, or that’s how it is for me at least. Despite the misfortune of my always forgetting an umbrella and my lack of anything waterproof in my wardrobe, April showers make for some of my favorite days.


The steady pitter-patter of the tiny drops against my windows and roof become a metronome for my productivity. Conversely, it significantly heightens the likelihood that I am going to give in to the beckoning of my blankets and fall into a cuddle pile at some point; I like to think that that’s just part of fully enjoying the moment, though.


Above you’ll have seen my current rainy day essentials. Powder blues are inspiring me like crazy, so everything circulated around that–that, and my unfailing love for a hot cup of tea and a vase full of fresh hydrangeas. (Those New Balance sneakers are something that I’ve been loving, too). Naturally, I’ve put together a few of my recent favorite rainy day tracks to create this week’s playlist. I hope it helps you enjoy your rainy days as much as I enjoy mine:



Speak to you soon,




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