Sweet Tooth

_JB copy.jpg JB5 Cookies are one of those things that can take a bad day, no matter the circumstances, and make it (at least) a little bit better.  For me,  just the idea of a fresh batch arouses feelings of nostalgia; the smell of them baking captivates my senses and reawakens childlike anticipations. I’m not sure that ever goes away.
JB3JB7JB8JB10JB11Seven years ago, a fellow named Jake moved to Nashville with his wife, Liz, with no intentions of starting a baking business. The concept of a cookie delivery service was conceived offhandedly on a drive home from the beach. Fast forward to now and the self taught baker has been making the dough for a little over a year (pun intended).JB2JB14JB17JB18I have ordered Jakes Bakes several times. My roommates and I can’t get over the fact that whenever we have a cookie craving, it can be conveniently satisfied. The chocolate chip ones are probably my favorite followed by the snickerdoodle (sugar+cinnamon). No matter what you order they are brought to you fresh and warm and, from my experience, whoever is delivering them will be just as delightful as the cookies themselves.

After spending a couple of hours with the team in the kitchen I feel confident in saying that Jake’s Bakes is a cookie delivery service whose driving force is exactly this:

Cookies make people happy.

And that is a business model that I can get behind.

To find out more about Jakes Bakes you can go to their website here.
(Or you could just call and make an order for yourself.)



Making a trip home to Arkansas on Sunday.  Find me on instagram at @lacunningham to follow along with my exploring.


Speak to you soon,





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