Nashville Flea Market

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The sun was shining and the fairgrounds were swarming with Nashville’s thriftiest.  The day was brisk; not quite warm enough to bare skin but enough so to venture out and enjoy the onset of springtime. In the air was a mix of aromas all stemming from a food trailer adorned with a large colorful sign that read “Hot dogs! Nachos! Funnel Cakes!” (my own personal utopia). Flea Market day.

The Nashville Flea Market happens every 3rd weekend of each month all year round. Hundreds of vendors load up and bring their trailers full of old furniture, minerals, animal hides, vintage clothes, handmade goods, knick knacks and whatever else you can imagine to set up camp on the Nashville fairgrounds for three whole days. The sprawl of merchandise brings a loyal crowd and you never really know what you’ll come across.

Today I was on the hunt for: a new lamp to illuminate the dark corner in my bedroom, some amethyst to put here and there, and maybe some frames for a couple of prints I picked up in England. Though I didn’t find the lamp or the frames , despite the plethura of candidates, I did score a gorgeous piece of amethyst and a really great blue agate stone for my end table.

If you’re in town on the 3rd weekend of the month, I highly recommend blocking out some time to check out the flea market. Sunday is a great time to go because it’s the last day and the merchants are more likely to haggle on the price. I’d say your best bet is to sleep in, grab some brunch and then head over to the grounds. Parking is five dollars (or free if you don’t mind a little bit of a walk), and most of the vendors only accept cash. If you forget to pull money out don’t fret because there is an ATM on site and cards are accepted at some of the stalls, as well.

I’ll be there next month! Hopefully you will too.

To learn more about the Nashville Flea Market, click here.

Speak to you all soon!


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