Weekend Playlist: NASHFEST

For those of you who don’t live in the amazing city that I call home, let me clue you in on something:

Nashville is having a M O M E N T

The spirit of this place is contagious. You can sense it–it’s literally everywhere; it’s in the food; it’s in the fashion; it’s in the music; it’s in the coffee; it’s in the social scene; it’s in the cocktails; it’s in the neighborhoods; it’s in the streets. Nashville is teeming with creativity and ambition and beauty,

And I want to share that with you.

I want to cultivate this blog to be a city guide for Nashville. A declaration of things you can’t possibly miss and things that you need to know about, no matter where in the world you are.

In fact, not just here, but for all of the places I visit. Come with me.

I haven’t done a playlist post in awhile, so to kickoff Nashfest 2014 I thought I’d get some jams together that spouted from around here. Some of these might be familiar to you and others may not, but I encourage you to give it a listen.

If you don’t have Spotify, here’s the entire track list so you can find them some other way, and you should:


  • Doses & Mimosas – Cherub
  • Thunderclatter – Wild Cub
  • Watering Can – Liza Anne
  • Just You – Amy Stroup
  • Mercury – Moon Taxi
  • Spotlight – Leagues
  • Can’t Wake Me Up – Apache Relay
  • Keep On Keeping On – Colony House
  • Love Me Now – Rebecca Roubion
  • Passenger – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
  • We Are Alive – Golden Youth
  • New News – Ranch Ghost
  • Those Killers – Phin
  • Screws Get Loose – Those Darlins
  • All Fall Down – Five Knives
  • Get up – Machines Are People Too
  • Want You – The Wans
  • Devil Don’t You Fool Me – Josh Farrow
  • Breakdown – Marquee Mayfield
  • Casual Vibes – The Lonely Biscuits
  • Feel Like Falling – My Red & Blue
  • Lipstick Summer – Mackenzie Elliott
  • Blue Hotel – Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden

(You should also take time to check out COIN, That’s My Kid, and Cardboard Kids)

Happy listening & Speak to you soon!


PS: For more Nashville music news, check out the website for our independent radio station Lightning 100

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