LA Photo Diary: Santa Monica Beach


I don’t know that seeing the ocean will ever get old. Since I was little, the majesty of the thing was pretty evident. Even when I’m not near the ocean I’m swept away by it; on Friday nights you can often find me swaddled like a nun in the orange afghan in my living room watching any number of ocean documentaries with the most wide eyes you have ever seen. You could probably play a drinking game for every time I say, “CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?”

I can’t make this stuff up, folks. It’s real. It’s my cross to bear. I am a fangirl of the ocean.

Anyway, the Pacific is beautiful. Cold, but beautiful. Santa Monica was only about a 25 minute drive from the hotel so it was the beach town we chose to visit (twice). The charm of the bright colored buildings and the pier is the same as it is in pictures. The quaint shops and breath taking look out points definitely would keep me coming back.

Next time I’d like to explore more of Venice Beach (as the only taste I got of it was a delicious cup of coffee from Intelligentsia) and Malibu. In fact, a California road trip is something I am 100% ready to dedicate to. Who’s with me?

More photos tomorrow! Speak to you soon,


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