LA Photo Diary: Farmers Market Mornings

BLA4 LOSA1 BLA1 LATA BLA12 BLA6 LATA4 LATA7 LOSA2 BLA13 BLA5 LOSA LATA5 BLA LATA2 LATA1 BLA14Scouting out Farmer’s Markets is one of my favorite things to do when visiting  a new city, and Los Angeles certainly had no shortage of ones to choose from. Each different area, each different neighborhood, had a Farmer’s Market that was unique to it’s people.

We chose one that was dubbed “The Original Farmer’s Market.”

A) Because if we’ve learned one thing from KFC it’s that original is ALWAYS better, and B) Because it was close to our hotel.

Stalls of fresh produce, hand carved meats, and candies being made in front of us kept us looping the aisles for hours. I recommend starting with a Cappuccino (made with Verve espresso) at Short Cake, taking a few laps to enjoy the colors and aromas, and then taking a mid morning pause to enjoy some crepes and waffles at the French Creperie in the middle. Keep your eyes out for the bright blue stools and striped awnings.

Get the banana nut waffle. You won’t regret it.
More photos tomorrow! Speak to you soon,


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