LA Photo Diary: Rest of DTLA // Blue Skies for Days

LA29 LOSA6B LOSA15 LA38 LOSA10B LOSA23 LOSA11 LOSA30  LOSA29 LOSA25 LOSA18 LOSA12 LOSA9 LA31 LA32 LA37 LOSA24 LOSA14LOSA27 LA34 LOSA28 LOSA22 LOSA8 LOSA16There has been no shortage of sun this week in Los Angeles. My good friend Lauren always claims that she is, “solar powered,” and after a week in the 70 degree paradise that is SoCal, I have to admit I may be too.

I forget during the cold, dreary months how much a couple of rays can bring me back to life. I forget how my favorite color may as well be sky blue. I forget how much better ice cream tastes when you aren’t shivering while you eat it and making promises to yourself that it’s worth it.

With spring comes markets and reasons to explore, and as you’ve seen so far, that’s what this trip was all about.

I couldn’t help but post twice today. I didn’t figure you guys would mind. We head home to frozen over Tennessee tomorrow, but don’t worry because I have one million more LA memories to share.

Speak to you all soon!


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