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Super excited to announce that I’ll be heading to Los Angeles with The Transatlantic at the end of February. I’d like to think the agenda is quickly filling up with opportunities for me to remember what the sun feels like when it hits my skin, and for me to see how many tacos I can eat before I can only get away with wearing a poncho.

This trip is going to allow me chances to test the waters of what I hope my this new season of my style will bring about. I’m thinking minimal, a lot of white, sandals for days, and everything that is in Zara’s new collection that was launched a couple of days ago.

The last time I went to L.A. was just a toe dip into the city. I remember waking up after a night of margaritas and karaoke then trying to muster enough poise to get from my hotel off sunset blvd to the airport without collapsing from heat exhaustion. We had no choice but to take Hollywood Blvd. The way a field length touch down is run in the Super Bowl is similar to the way we made it through the crowd that day: juke left around the street performer, jump over the tourists kneeling with Michael Jackson’s star, and then sprint into the endzone (the subway station) to make it to our train that would transport us to our terminal on time. Touchdown.

I’d like to note that the only thing we had energy to do after that was pizza. And yes, I did mean that as a verb.

Speak to you all soon!


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