London Bound + Travel Beauty Bag

In two short days I will be boarding a plane to London, England.

For nine hours, I will be enjoying luxurious amounts of standard leg room and stale airplane air that will make my skin feel about as moist as a Saltine cracker. I. Can’t. Wait.

Three weeks of traveling calls for a lot of cosmetic needs (not wants, NEEDS), so I thought I’d share with you the reasons why my makeup bag is more full than me after Christmas dinner.



Products: Yes to Cucumbers eye makeup remover pads, The Body Shop body butter in Coconut, Yes to Cucumbers hypoallergenic facial towelettes, LUSH lip exfoliator in sugar and cocoa

Sometime during that last hour of my flight, I’m going to cringe when I see the wrinkled reality of post airplane-nap me in the bathroom mirror. It’s at this moment when my skin products will be of the most assistance. These products are what I use to clean and moisturize my skin on a daily basis. . Am I lazy because I use wipes? Perhaps. Is my complexion suffering from it? Absolutely not. These are organic and shit. Their packing is great and I’ve been a loyal repurchaser for over a year now. Getcha some.

I’ve also got a travel sized Body Shop coconut body butter–which is a nice thick consistency and takes care of any dryness I may have while simultaneously making me smell like a pina colada–and a LUSH Lip exfoliator. I bought this little jar two summers ago in Italy. Desperate to find a cure for my sun chapped lips, I remembered hearing about it from a Youtube Beauty vlogger at some point and decided to give it a go.

A year and a half later and I am  (A) still using it up and (B) not disappointed. Not only is it worth the money, but it tastes good (sorry I’m not sorry).



Products: Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer (15 spf), NYX Mineral Matte finishign powder (in the lightest color), Covergirl Concealer stick, Revlon Color Stay foundation (for Combination/Oily skin) in the color buff, Powder brush from SOHO

This is my morning makeup routine when I travel, but also when I’m living life as a Nashvillian. Two pumps of that moisturizer is all it takes. It is a thin consistency, but it has good coverage. Also it has SPF which is a must in any facial moisturizer, but it stays relatively matte instead of making your face shine bright like a plastic easter egg.

The foundation I use may not be high end, but I get skin compliments all the time (so TAKE THAT, overly pushy lady at the makeup counter!). I apply it with my hands, let it set a couple minutes, and voila the face canvas of a porcelain princess. I changed formulas, from dry/normal to oily/combination, and I can honestly say I like it 200 times better (just a thought for those of you using it).

I mark over my blemishes, under eye circles, and weird redness with the concealer stick, like I am a proud seventh grader who is using makeup for the first time. Finally, I dust a light layer, A LIGHT LAYER, of NYX powder over everything (more concentrated amounts under my eyes, which get really oily) and my face canvas is complete.

My makeup routine isn’t all high end products, or all professionally suggested methods, but I always feel natural and not like I’ve painted on some sort of tribal mask. Coming up in my next entries I’ve got cheeks, eyes, hair, and other things I didn’t have a category for.

Let the first day of (over)packing commence!

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