For the Love of Shearling


Because I’m a homebody, I find myself spending a lot of time burritoed in warm blankets while spending too much time on the internet.

By the grace of the Christmas angels, shearling (or the closest thing to blankets as fabric) is now a hot topic in the fashion world. Vests, over coats, hats, gloves, weird diapery shorts…you name it, fashionistas have found it. Shearling is great because, as a lining, it will keep you warmer than a sheep on a snowy Scotland pasture, and if it’s on the outside of your garment then you have a whole new textural element AND are now physically looking the part of the aforementioned sheep.

Shearling is also available in a lot of price ranges, and in a lot of styles. Some of my favorites this season are by Isabel Marant and ASOS.

So during these cold winter months, dawn yourself a fuzzy garment and pretend your day out is just as comfortable as your preferred, and slightly antisocial, day in.


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